icon HOMER® can be customized for your needs

How much better would your sales be if you could show your customers how your technology fits into hybrid systems, and how your customers could save money with your technology?

These are just some of the ways you might benefit from HOMER software customization services to serve the renewable and off-grid power design and vendor community.

HOMER can be customized to meet your organization's needs with:

  • A custom interface or web application for your internal use or your company's marketing efforts
  • Adding your specific technology or brand into public versions of HOMER

We have created a variety of customized versions of HOMER and customized enhancements to the public version. Developers of innovative technologies have requested additional details in HOMER to reflect their needs. We have also created specialized interfaces for clients.

Examples include:

Custom Interfaces or Web Applications

Custom HOMER interfaces gives your sales force the information they need to show customers the clear and compelling advantage of your product. You can focus on getting the financial and energy-saving numbers in front of your customers without the complexity of complex desktop versions of HOMER. Your own branding will demonstrate that your company has seriously invested in understanding the numbers and outcomes associated with your product. Email consulting@homerenergy.com today or call us at 720-565-4046 to learn how to put the HOMER to use for you.

Add Your Brand or Technology to Public Versions of HOMER

Thousands of new users download and open HOMER every month. Are they seeing your brand or technology in the components list? You may be losing sales to a competitor, or simply being overlooked because HOMER users are not aware that your particular technology exists.

Visit our Market Access Services page to learn how to get your brand in front of HOMER users.

Don't get left behind - put the power of HOMER in your sales cycle. Email or call us today - 720-565-4046.