icon HOMER® Legacy: The Original

HOMER Legacy is the original HOMER software version that was created at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Although we strongly recommend HOMER Pro, our most powerful and supported version, we continue to make HOMER Legacy available to certain users.

As of April 14, 2015, HOMER Legacy is available only for the following uses:

1 - Academics and students working on teaching and research, or on energy access projects.

2 - Non-profit organizations working on energy access.

Absolutely no free support is available for HOMER Legacy users, including issues with installation.There are support options, available, however. The best place to start is the Getting Started Guide included in the program. The Getting Started Guide has been translated into multiple languages by members of the user community - they are available here. There is a searchable knowledgebase consisting of the answers to many questions we have been asked about HOMER over the years. We maintain a free and open HOMER Users Forum where you can ask your HOMER questions to other users.

HOMER Legacy runs on Microsoft Windows, with licenses that are valid for 6 months. We require HOMER Legacy users to fill out a usage survey every 6 months, and we also now have a voluntary donation program available so that Legacy users who have the means may support our efforts to continue to distribute the software. The end user license for all HOMER products, including HOMER Legacy, is available by clicking here.

If you require more assistance, support may also be purchased in blocks of 1 hour. Please email us if you are interested in purchasing support.

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