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HOMER Energy Helps Craft 75% Renewable Deal for Necker Island

HOMER Energy played a central role in a deal announced recently between Virgin Limited Edition and NRG Energy to build a mostly-renewable energy system on Necker Island, a high-end resort owned by Virgin Limited Edition. The new power system will be a hybrid renewable microgrid, which integrates multiple power sources into a single system to meet local electrical needs. more

New York Earmarks $40 Million for Ten Microgrid Projects

The state of New York is using federal and state funds to implement a far-reaching program of storm preparation measures, which includes an innovative program to create at least ten microgrids statewide. The State will launch NY Prize -- a $40 million competition -- to help build community-scale power grids for areas with approximately 40,000 residents. more

HOMER Announces First Members of Preferred Partners Program

HOMER Energy is thrilled to announce our first Preferred Partners. It is a privilege to grow and strengthen our network with these excellent companies. They provide the products and services that must come together to move any microgrid project forward: Schneider Electric, ABB, Shipstone, Sustainable Power Systems, Trojan Battery Company, American Vanadium, Go Sol Power, and Discover Energy If you are interested in becoming a Preferred Partner, please contact Jason Barton at HOMER Energy, 720-565-4046,, to sign up today!

Monthly Case Study: The Energy Poverty Trap -- Diesel-Based Microgrid Site Analysis in Southeast Asia

Most diesel-powered mini-grid networks in the developing world do not deliver sufficient and reliable electric energy to their consumer to be able to lift them out of the Energy Poverty Trap. The solution includes replacing old, wrongly sized diesels with modern diesel technology, integrating renewables, proactive maintenance, and educating consumers. [download case study PDF]

How Microgrid Business Model Innovation Will Support New Development Opportunities

Self-contained microgrids are emerging as a viable power option for users from datacenters to telecom stations to single family homes. While customer-owned microgrids are standard today, a new business model, Microgrid-as-a-Service (MaaS) offers a flexible ownership structure and presents the best opportunity to capitalize on this growing market, according to a new report from Lux Research. more

Future of Energy Storage Systems for Microgrids

A 15 percent displacement of diesel generator sets in a remote microgrid would result in a payback period of 2-4 years across all energy storage technologies, according to a new report from Navigant Research. The key for energy storage vendors is to find the right business models, partners, and demonstrate the longevity and robustness required of remote systems. more

Indian Microgrids Aim to Bring Millions Out of Darkness

By Dale Harris in Yale Environment.

Approximately 80 million households in India - about one quarter of the country's 1.2 billion inhabitants - do not have access to electricity. According to the author, the microgrid sector is dominated by smaller enterprises such as the four he visited in India: Mera Gao Power, Naturetech Infrastructure, Minda NexGenTech, and Husk. more

SDSC and Leidos to Help Develop Cybersecurity Reference Architecture for Microgrids

The security architecture and best practices to be developed under this project are intended to provide a defense-in-depth approach to securing microgrids, ensuring that threat vectors identified during the threat analysis phase are properly mitigated. The results should be applicable to microgrids around the world. more

What Difficulties Are You Facing With Microgrids?

As the microgrid starting point, we at HOMER Energy want to know what obstacles are keeping you from moving forward with a microgrid project. Our experience indicates that technology, policy, and funding are the three most common areas where complications arise. What specific challenges are you finding, either in these three areas or outside of them? We are seeking to identify pain points in the microgrid market and working with our network to resolve them. Please click here to tell us where you're having trouble moving forward.

Report Looks At Solar Mini-Grids for Rural Electrification

The report by Artha argues that villages and remote hamlets in India that are off the main grid can leapfrog into sustainable power access via Solar PV mini-grids as a long-term solution rather than as a stop-gap 'till the time the grid comes'. Rural areas that are power starved despite having a grid line can also benefit from grid-interactive versions of these community level power plants. These mini-grids are seen by Artha as providing 'Electricity beyond Lighting', which is critical for achieving livelihood enhancement. more

Meet HOMER Energy at the Following Live and Online Events:

  • Online Training - Western Hemisphere, Europe, Africa February 25-27, 2014

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  • Wind-Diesel Conference March 20-12, 2014 in Fairbanks, Alaska

  • Microgrid Gloabal Summit May 20-23, 2014 in Irvine, California

  • Call for Speakers - HOMER Energy's Microgrid Deployment Workshop: Fall 2014 in Barcelona

    HOMER Energy will be conducting its next Microgrid Deployment Workshop on September 23-24, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Like the previous Workshop in Cancun last November, the 2-day program will focus on microgrid deployment requirements, best practices, and latest enabling technologies. Day 2 will feature HOMER user case studies and software training. Speaking applications are due by Friday, April 18. Click here for details.

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