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Experts Forecast Robust Microgrid Development Through 2020

The market for remote and grid-tied microgrids is expected to nearly quadruple by 2020 as prices for generation and energy storage technologies continue to decline, according to a recent presentation by Peter Asmus, Principal Research analyst at Navigant Research. more

HOMER Announces Preferred Partner Program

Companies developing and selling into the microgrid market need an efficient way to find projects or leads that match their targets. HOMER Energy is the nexus of the microgrid market - the place where all parties come together. We developed the Preferred Partner Program in response to the many requests we get to match buyers and sellers in this widely dispersed market. Our 100,000+ user base is the largest single group of microgrid innovators in the world. Your customers are there, waiting to find you. Contact Jason Barton at HOMER Energy, 720-565-4046,, today to sign up!

Monthly Case Study: The Renewable Energy Microgrid at Punta Allen, Mexico

Preliminary evaluations using HOMER software indicate that Punta Allen could have 24/7 power service at lower O&M costs than currently available. Penetration of renewables would be at 40%, and the increased availability of power would allow hotels and restaurants to update their tariff. Furthermore, it is projected that emissions will be lower than current levels, even with 24/7 power. [download case study PDF]

DONG Energy and Schneider Electric To Focus on Optimizing Island Microgrid Systems

DONG Energy and Schneider Electric recently entered an agreement to cooperate on a technological and commercial partnership aimed at enabling electric network operators of remote or isolated island grids to increase the share of renewable energy used while maintaining grid stability and reliability for consumers. more

Five Key Microgrid Milestones in 2013

Michael T. Burr in Public Utilities Fortnightly cites five areas of important progress for microgrids in 2013: 1) the evolution of interconnection standards, 2) sizeable investments made by the U.S. Department of Defense, 3) the launching of the Microgrid Institute, 4) significant actions undertaken by states such as Connecticut and New Jersey, and 5) some abatement of the hype surrounding microgrids in general. more

ALL Power Labs Biomass Gasifiers and Power Generation Systems

Replacing diesel generators as the heart of microgrids is now possible, with the release this month of the Version 5.0 GEK Gasifier and Power Pallet from All Power Labs. The Berkeley, CA, company's compact gasifiers run up to 24 hrs. on waste biomass like wood chips, nut shells, and corn cobs to produce up to 20kW of on-demand, renewable energy. Using biomass, an APL gasifier can make a kWh for as little as $.10. "There's no reason to plug dirty diesel into wind and solar-- micrgogrids can now be 100% renewable," explains APL's Jim Mason. Learn more at

Webinar: How Utilities Can Get Ahead of the Microgrid Opportunity

What are the new sources of value that microgrids can provide? What pricing, markets, and business models are necessary to capture those values? Which actors can capture these values, and what barriers stand in the way? In this on-demand webinar, a team from the Rocky Mountain Institute shares their views on industry barriers that must be overcome in order for microgrids to proliferate, as well as the opportunities for utilities to step in and take the lead. view webinar

EarthSpark Wins Grant to Expand Microgrid in Les Anglais, Haiti

In Haiti 75% of the country's population lacks access to electricity, and farmers frequently lose the value of their crops for want of infrastructure and processing equipment. The $1.1 million in grant funding will enable EarthSpark to expand its existing microgrid in Les Anglais to a town-sized, solar-diesel hybrid, smart grid to serve both residential and commercial customers, including agricultural processing facilities. more

Partners Announced for U.S. Dept of Defense ESTCP Microgrid Project

The primary difference between this project and other military microgrid initiatives currently underway is the concept of a "cluster" of microgrids, each operating independently but coordinated and optimized both individually and collectively. The approach also "shadows" markets over the demonstration period to identify hard dollar energy opportunities as well as operational impacts. more

Reach the Growing Microgrid Market via Microgrid News

The 55,000 recipients of Microgrid News want information on how they can design and build reliable, cost effective, and clean microgrids. They are eager to learn about products and services relevant to their interests. Our readers are looking for financing, education, equipment, engineering design, construction, and more. There are many choices available for getting your name in front of this captive audience, including whitepapers, webinars, ads, placement of your technology in HOMER, and more. Call Jason Barton at HOMER Energy, 720-565-4046,, to learn how you can reach this market.

Apply for the Fulbright Regional Network for Applied Research (NEXUS) Program

Participants should be early or mid-career academics, applied researchers and/or professionals with research experience in the public, non-profit, or private sector. Participants should have particular expertise and research experience in one of the five identified research areas: Renewable Energy, including Microgrid Innovations; Social and Behavioral Adaptation to Climate Change; Measuring Climate Change and its Impact (Metrics and Standards); Climate Change and Biodiversity; Climate Change and Food and Water Security. more

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  • Call for Speakers Still Open: Microgrid Global Summit 2014

    HOMER Energy's CEO, Dr. Peter Lilienthal, is scheduled to chair a panel session on remote, island and off-grid microgrids at the Microgrid Global Summit, May 20-23, 2014 in Irvine, CA. HOMER will also conduct a full-day HOMER software training workshop on Friday, May 23. The event is organized by the Advanced Power and Energy Program at UC Irvine, and the Call for Speaking Proposals is open thru January 31. more

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