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Registration Open for Microgrid Deployment Workshop, Barcelona

Registration is now open for the next Microgrid Deployment Workshop, September 22-23, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. The two-day program takes a careful look at key microgrid case studies, system planning and analysis, and deployment issues. The focus is on determining the correct mix of technology options for maximizing the microgrid business model and integration of renewable energy sources. Half of Day 2 is devoted to in-depth HOMER software training. Space is limited so be sure to register today.

Village Power: Back to HOMER's Roots

The HOMER software is now in use throughout the world for hybrid renewable power systems of all sizes. But HOMER's roots are in village power, and HOMER Energy has recently been involved with a few village power projects which reminded us that 1.5 billion people still live without electricity, and the recent price increases in diesel fuel have made the transition to renewables far more compelling for these small systems. From remote villages in Myanmar to Pacific island communities to a remote "ecolodge" on a small island north of Fiji's main island of Vitu Levu, HOMER Energy has had many recent opportunities to experience village power firsthand. more

U.S. Department of Energy Launches Microgrid Competition

The Microgrid 2014 MVP Challenge is designed to encourage organizations with operational microgrids, such as hospitals and water treatment plants, to submit their microgrid designs and operational data - such as when and how long the system was disconnected from the traditional grid. Entries will be judged according to four criteria: resiliency, clean energy system, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. more

HOMER Energy CEO Presents at ESA Annual Conference

Dr. Peter Lilienthal recently spoke in the Energy Storage Association's 24th Annual Conference in Washington on "Analyzing the Business Case for Storage in Distributed Generation and Microgrid Projects with NREL's HOMER Software." The presentation was part of the event's Energy Storage Models and Tools Forum. He also spoke in a panel on "Microgrids for Remote Communities and Installations" in the 4th Military & Commercial Microgrids conference in Washington, in June. Peter's fellow panelists included speakers from Navigant Research, EarthSpark International, General Microgrids, The World Bank, and Azimuth Energy. For more information on Dr. Lilienthal's presentatins at these events, please contact us.

Task Force Recommends Focusing on Public Purpose Microgrids

According to Maryland's a Resiliency Through Microgrids Task Force, an important trend in the development of microgrids are those that serve multiple customers over multiple properties and cross public rights of way in the process. These "public purpose microgrids" have the potential to offer important societal benefits during periods when the macrogrid is down, while allowing for the economic and innovative integration of distributed generation and energy storage systems during normal operations. view report

Gildemeister CellCube Added to HOMER 2

Gildemeister CellCube vanadium redox flow batteries are now available for HOMER 2 users at no additional cost. Fifteen different configurations are available. Simply click here to download the expansion packs, and follow the ReadMe files to do the one-time installation.

If you have not yet downloaded HOMER 2, your install package will include the Gildemeister batteries. Click here to download HOMER 2. If you would like your products included in the HOMER software, please contact our sales team at: 720-565-4046,

U.S. Microgrid Capacity To Exceed 1.8 GW by 2018

Military bases and remote communities have traditionally built and maintained the lion's share of microgrids in the United States, but cities, communities and public institutions will foster the next wave of microgrid adoptions. According to a new report from GTM Research, current microgrid capacity stands at 1,051 megawatts and is forecasted to reach approximately 1,843 megawatts by the end of 2017, driven in part by a number of recently announced state-level resiliency programs. more

New LBNL Paper Examines Nanogrid-Microgrid Relationship

According to Bruce Nordman at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, nanogrids are already with us and can be expected to grow significantly in number, usefulness, total energy distributed. They will enable some capabilities and energy savings not otherwise possible, and are particularly suited to households and rurual areas in developing nations. view paper

HOMER Energy CEO to Speak in Microgrids Virtual Summit 2014

Dr. Peter Lilienthal will be discussing the differences and similarities of the two main categories of off-grid microgrids -- Island Grids and Village Power mini-grids -- in the 3rd Annual Microgrids Virtual Summit on Thursday, August 14, 2014. The one-day, 100% online event will examine business models, enabling technologies, and architecture alternatives for microgrids worldwide. Other speakers include Princeton Power Systems, Navigant Research, IPERC, ChargeBliss, Nextek Power, and Solar Design Associates. Enter discount code "HOMER" when registering for an addtional 20% off the current Early Bird rate.

Case Study
The Many Benefits of Utilising Combined Wind and Solar Generation in Microgrids

This presentation by Tony Pearson, Managing Director at Tecnico Site Services, discusses a real installation on Matiu-Somes Island in Wellington Harbour, New Zealand, in which the benefits of utilizing a combined solar and wind generation system are analyzed. The island has been powered by diesel generator for the last 30 years but had a wind and solar system installed in June 2012 which now provides over 90% of the power required by the island.
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SunEdison To Build Solar Microgrids for Six Indian Villages

According to a recent article in Solar Industry, SunEdison Inc. has announced plans to install 159 kW of solar PV microgrids with battery storage in six remote villages in India, serving close to 5,000 people living off-grid. The company is collaborating with India's Rural Electrification Corp. (REC) and the Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam state agency to build, operate and then transfer the facilities to a public entity after five years.
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Call for Microgrid Deployment Workshop Hosts

HOMER Energy is looking to host future Microgrid Deployment Workshops in 2015. Our target locations are Australia, India, Malaysia, the Phillippines, Central or South America, northeastern United States, western Africa, southern Africa, or other locations where there is growing interest in microgrids and a concentration of users interested in learning and sharing about HOMER. Event hosts will need to have access to or information on local venues that can provide room for about 100 attendees plus catering services. If interested in helping host an event, contact Daniel Coran, Program Manager, at +1-815-310-3343 or

Meet HOMER Energy at the Following Live and Online Events:

  • 3rd Annual Microgrids Virtual Summit -- August 14, 2014 -- 100% online
    (enter code "HOMER" when registering for an additional 20% off)

  • Microgrid Deployment Workshop: Fall 2014 -- September 22-23, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain

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