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Microgrids To Have Major Utility Industry Impact Within 10 Years

In the first installment of two reports, Rocky Mountain Institute, HOMER and CRTE outline the possible scenarios in five different U.S. regions -- Hawaii, California, Kentucky, Texas and New York -- and identify when solar PV and storage combinations could disrupt existing utility business models.

"As storage and control technologies improve, we have the opportunity to incorporate more and more renewable energy sources into the grid in a way that balances and optimizes those power sources," said HOMER Energy CEO Peter Lilienthal, PhD. "Properly regulated, these hybrid technologies can be a benefit to the larger grid, rather than a threat as they are sometimes depicted." more

Call for Speakers: Microgrid Workshops in Irvine and Barcelona

HOMER Energy will be conducting a one-day Workshop on "Microgrid Design and Feasibility" in the Microgrid Global Summit in Irvine, CA, on Tuesday, May 20, 2014. We will also conduct our next Microgrid Deployment Workshop in September 2014 in Barcelona, Spain (specific dates TBD). These Workshops will focus on microgrid deployment case studies and enabling technologies, as well offer hands-on training in use of the HOMER software. Case study speaking applications for the HOMER Energy Workshop co-located with the Summit in Irvine are due by Friday, March 28 and those for Barcelona are due by Friday, April 18. HOMER users who have interesting case studies to share are encouraged to contact us with a speaking application today!

Microgrids for Rural Electrification: A Review of Best Practices

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and University of California Berkeley, together with the United Nations Foundation's Energy Access Practitioner Network, have released a new study evaluating a range of microgrid applications in rural communities in India, Malaysian Borneo and Haiti. The roles of subsidies, tariff design, maintenance, and other factors that constitute microgrid operations are examined in the context of existing best practices and re-examined in light of seven case studies. view report

Vergnet Wind Turbines Now In HOMER 2 Software

Two Vergnet wind turbines have been added to the HOMER 2 component library and are now available at no cost. Simply click here to download the expansion packs, and follow the ReadMe files to do the one-time installation. Contact HOMER Energy if you would like your products included in the HOMER software: 720-565-4046,

Monthly Case Study:
Hybrid Microgrid Implementation in Palestine: A Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Rural Electrification in Conflict Areas

This case study discusses the installation of hybrid, wind and solar, stand-alone mini-grids in some of the poorest and most marginalized communities in the West Bank. Comet-ME currently provides basic energy services to 25 communities encompassing close to 1,600 people. The systems are tailor-made to the specific target communities and range from small DC-coupled systems covering a few houses to AC-coupled systems covering entire villages. download case study PDF

Announcing HOMER Analysis Certification

HOMER Energy is the preferred resource for accuracy and objectivity in microgrid design and optimization. Our clients consult with us on projects of every size and type to produce the most reliable feasibility studies and cost projections available anywhere. Now HOMER users who complete their own HOMER analyses can certify that their analyses were completed properly - with the HOMER Analysis Certification program from HOMER Energy. For details contact:, or call 720-565-4046.

HOMER Energy Internship Announced

There is a rare opportunity for an exceptional student to work with the HOMER software development team in summer 2014. Visit our Jobs Page for more information about the position and how to apply.

HOMER Energy Preferred Partner Program

We are excited to continue growing and strengthening the HOMER network with these powerful industry players. We look forward to announcing another group of members in our April newsletter, including an excellent energy consulting firm, an OEM and system integrator with deep experience in Asia, another great microgrid software company, and more. Contact us if you would like to apply to become a Preferred Partner:, or call 720-565-4046.

Climate Smart Planning Platform Now Available

The World Bank recently launched the Climate Smart Planning Platform, which provides the opportunity to share information on the application of climate-resilient and low-carbon development tools by giving access to a wide range of climate-related global and national datasets. HOMER Energy is proud to be one of the Climate Smart launch partners. The free online platform is available here.

New Microgrid Resources Coalition Launched

The new Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC) is intended to support microgrid deployment and the enhanced resilience, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency they offer. Founding members include Princeton University, NRG Energy, ICETEC Energy, Concord Engineering and the International District Energy Association. more

DOE Announces $7 Million in Funding for Microgrid Design

Each applicant will be required to work with an entity or community to design microgrid systems of <10 MW, which is enough to power a small community. Additionally, applicants will be encouraged to design systems that protect critical infrastructure such as hospitals and water treatment plants. The deadline for submitting applications is April 28, 2014. more

EaglePicher Selected for DOD Microgrid Energy Storage System

Erigo's contract, funded under the Department of Defense Rapid Innovation Fund and awarded by the U.S. Corp of Engineers on behalf of the U.S. Northern Command, calls for delivery of an innovative system employing multiple battery types and sophisticated control systems to address the frequency, duty cycle, and storage needs of the conventional and renewable power sources that make up many DoD microgrids. more

Last Chance to Purchase HOMER 2 for $100

After holding the price of HOMER 2 steady for 3 years, we will be increasing the price sometime between March 24 and April 1, 2014, in concert with the launch of our new website. If you've recently downloaded a trial, we recommend finalizing your purchase before that date in order to get the best price.

Solar Hybrid System for Naushon Island

Northern Reliability designed and installed a solar hybrid power system, with 126.9kW of PV and 60kW of load capacity to provide electricity for Naushon Island off the southern coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Prior to installation of this system, electricity was provided to island residents solely by two diesel generators, running 24 hours a day. download pdf case study

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