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Microgrid Deployment Workshop A Resounding Success

A diverse group of over 75 microgrid project developers, integrators, researchers, regulators, and energy professionals from around the world gathered last Friday and Saturday in CancĂșn, Mexico for HOMER Energy's inaugural Microgrid Deployment Workshop. The in-depth program examined all aspects of remote, off-grid and island microgrid systems, from initial planning and design to financing, operations management, non-technical issues, and business models.

"Your first annual Microgrid Deployment Workshop was a complete success for me," says Gary Gordon of Endelos Energy. "Your guest speakers were informative, interesting, and right on topic. The knowledge I gained and the connections I made will help guide me into the next phase of my commitment to rural electrification."

"Meeting all the new people with such a deep and wide range of experience in the field was the best part," notes Paul Rowan, Director of Engineering at Windurance. "It was good to have a place to learn so much so fast. And meet people in the know."

Diamond sponsors for the event were Bergey Wind Power and Carbon War Room; the Gold sponsor was ViZn Energy, and Silver was Hydrostor -- all of whom were able to share technology updates and latest deployment activities with attendees. The Bronze Sponsor was All Power Labs.

PDF Proceedings of all 24 presentations from the Workshop are available for purchase and download from the event website. To participate in future such events -- either as speaker, sponsor, exhibitor, or attendee -- feel free to contact us.

Help Us Define the Microgrid Industry

HOMER Energy works with partners throughout the world creating an industry around clean, decentralized power. We want to provide as many opportunities as possible for you, our network, to define, build, and participate in this industry. Today we have two different opportunities to participate directly in that definition. A few moments of your time could have a large payback.
    1. The Carbon War Room's Smart Island Economies operation seeks to work with pioneering island economies to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions, demonstrating the triple win that transition off fossil fuels provides for the economy, the environment and the population's well-being. The CWR want to work with island governments that have the will and commitment to actively pursue this vision. Completing this questionnaire is the first step in exploring how an island can join the Ten Island Challenge.

    2. We need your help defining the business case for microgrids. In return for less than 5 minutes of your time, we will send you a free microgrid market intelligence report. Navigant Research is featuring HOMER Energy and Sustainable Power Systems in a webinar focused on the business case for microgrids, highlighting the lessons learned from remote microgrids that are leading the way to high renewable penetrations. Our last webinar had over 800 attendees. We would love input from you that we can highlight to the wider community of people interested in microgrids. Please take 5 minutes to fill out this online survey. We will send you a report with the full results and other microgrid market intelligence we glean from our 96,000 member strong user base.

Upcoming Webinar: Remote Microgrid Business Models

Navigant Research is featuring HOMER Energy and Sustainable Power Systems in a webinar focused on the business case for microgrids, highlighting the lessons learned from remote microgrids that are leading the way to high renewable penetrations. The webinar, Remote Microgrid Business Models, will take place on Tuesday, December 10, at 2 p.m. ET. Click here to register.

HOMER Energy creates USMC HOMER Version

Military expeditionary units are deployed in a wide range of tactical situations. Each situation raises new problems and requires different solutions for power system planning due to differences in power needs, equipment availability, local resource and fuel availability, and logistical support options. As a consequence, power system planning and installation are commonly completed on a "build to fit" or "one off" basis by a few skilled utility marines.

HOMER Energy is under contract to the Office of Naval Research to develop a version of the software designed specifically to meet the special needs of expeditionary forces. "HOMER is really the perfect solution for these expeditionary situations," says Dr. Marilyn Walker, HOMER Energy Chief Operating Officer. "We will create a tool that will be easy to use in expeditionary logistics as well as valuable for research into energy options for the Corps as whole."

Industry Updates

Borrego Microgrid Jumps Into Action During Severe Storm

After a flash floods and lightning cut power to all 2,780 power customers in Borrego Springs, CA last September, 1,060 customers had their power restored automatically within hours by the community microgrid, using on-site power. One of the first occasions in the U.S. in which a microgrid was used to restore power quickly to an area after an emergency. By Ted Walton in San Diego Union-Tribune [more]

North America Still the World's Leading Market for Microgrids

North America has a planned, proposed, and deployed microgrid capacity of 2,712 MW, accounting for 65% of global capacity, according to the latest report from Navigant Research. Of the total North American microgrid capacity, 1,503 MW is currently online and 1,224 MW is in the planned/under development or proposed phase. [more]

IPERC Selected for DoD Microgrid at Camp Smith, Hawaii

The $3 million, two-year contract award constitutes Phase III of the U.S. Department of Defense's Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security (SPIDERS) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD). In Phase III, the microgrid will encompass the entire installation at Camp Smith, HI. The design integrates seven generators, several battery-based energy storage systems, and over 30 major circuit breakers. [more]

Rockaways Consider Microgrids for Dealing With Storm Threat

"As Superstorm Sandy demonstrated, the Rockaways is a highly vulnerable densely populated area of the grid," says Jackson Morris, director of strategic engagement at Pace Energy and Climate Center. "A microgrid that is more resilient and has the ability to 'island' makes it (the Rockaways) a strong candidate for a microgrid kind of approach." By Bobby Magill in Climate Central [more]

Partner Engineering and Science Inc. Develop Microgrid for City of Bridgeport

The Bridgeport microgrid -- part of a statewide pilot program launched in January 2013 -- is the first of its kind in the United States and is designed to provide power to several critical, public facilities for a minimum of four weeks during any future outages. The project is targeting a completion date of July 2014. [more]

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