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HOMER Energy Announces HOMER Pro: A Completely Redesigned and Updated Version of HOMER

HOMER Energy recently announced the official release of HOMER Pro, the newest HOMER version, with a completely new design and architecture. Among the many enhancements, HOMER Pro features new library options for managing components, loads, and resources, as well as significant improvements to the modeling of wind and solar systems. Additionally, the new release includes an add-on module capability, allowing users to better analyze the energy components of greatest interest to them.

HOMER Pro is available as a two-week trial, with no credit card required. Current HOMER 2 licensees can get a base version of HOMER Pro to match their HOMER 2 license at no additional cost - but only through January 15, 2015. Visit the HOMER website today to download your copy.

HOMER Energy CEO Speaks on Localized Energy Solutions

Dr. Peter Lilienthal, CEO of HOMER Energy, recently spoke in a panel session in the Forum 20/20 conference on October 29 in Boston, on the topic of Localized Energy Solutions. The panel focused on trends emerging around microgrids and the evolution of decentralized energy delivery. Other panelists included representatives from New York State Public Service Commission, Bloom Energy, and Central Hudson Gas & Electric. more

HOMER Energy Welcomes New Partner Programs Members

HOMER Energy welcomes two new industry partners this month. Alpha Energy is a new Silver Level Industry Partner. They are an expert renewable energy engineering company focusing on innovative solar, wind, and alternative power conversion solutions. Alpha Energy has a comprehensive portfolio of microgrid installations in remote locations throughout the world.

Smart Hydro Power is a new Bronze Level Industry Partner. This innovative German company develops and produces affordable, environment-friendly kinetic micro hydropower systems. Their products are positioned as the best alternative for decentralized electrification along rivers. For more information on HOMER Energy's Industry Partners Program, click here

What is Driving the Growth of Microgrids in Africa

"The issue is, if cell phone towers become anchors for microgrids, the banks will pay for the cell phone tower and then local entrepreneurs will figure out ways to sort of build out that infrastructure and provide power," said Peter Asmus, Principal Research Analyst at Navigant Research in a recent interview with AFKInsider. However, he adds that, "from what I've heard from vendors, cultural issues in a lot of parts of Africa are less community-oriented than, for example, India or some Asia-Pacific regions. It's more sort of individualistic and so trying to get a community to collaborate and organize to build a microgrid has been difficult." view article

Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to Build Renewable Energy Integration Demonstration Microgrid

The first in the region, the hybrid microgrid will test the integration of solar, wind, tidal-current, diesel, storage and power-to-gas technologies, and ensure these energy sources operate well together. It will be located offshore at Semakau Landfill and is expected to produce power in the megawatt range, suitable for small islands, isolated villages, and emergency power supplies. more

On-Demand Webinar:
Managing the Impact of Partial State of Charge (PSOC) in Cycling Batteries in Solar Microgrids

Partial state of charge is a critical issue in the design and management of solar microgrids. In this on-deman webinar, HOMER Energy joins market partner Trojan Battery Company to discuss the ways microgrid integrators can develop top-performing systems using HOMER simulations and Trojan industrial batteries with Smart Carbon technology. The webinar recording also includes all Q&A discussion from the live event held on Sept. 2. view webinar (registration required)

Case Study: Energy Modelling for Coral Bay's Wind / Diesel and Stabilization Hybrid System

This energy modelling case study examines a high penetration wind / diesel and stabilization system designed, developed, installed and commissioned in Coral Bay West Australia. The presentation pays particular attention to the methods, outcomes and accuracy obtained when modelling a flywheel-based grid stabilizing generator. download presentation

Positive Prospects for Solar Microgrids in Australia

According to Alex Houlston in Australia's Business Spectator, "The bright side of eliminating feed-in tariffs (and other support for renewable energy) is likely to be more demand for solar-powered micro-grids, where solar power and storage can viably be deployed at scale, without the need for government support." He adds that microgrids in Australia on a community scale could be cost-effective before 2020 for the mass market. view article

Meghalaya State in North-East India to Start Microgrid Systems in Select Villages

"We have identified certain villages in the state where there is a possibility of them being delinked from the main grid after they are provided with renewable power," said Chief Minister Mukul Sangma at a recent seminar, noting that the systems will utilize mostly solar, wind or biomass energy. He adds, however, that "there are many challenges as we change from a government- run culture to a corporate culture." view article

Alstom Receives Funding to Advance Philadelphia Microgrid

Alstom has been awarded $1.2M by the U.S. Department of Energy to improve grid resiliency through the advancement of microgrid technology. The company will research and design a community microgrid system in partnership with the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), which provides water, wastewater and storm water services for greater Philadelphia, and PIDC, Philadelphia's public-private economic development corporation. more

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