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HOMER Energy's Barcelona Workshop Close to Selling Out

Only 10 seats remain available for the Microgrid Deployment Workshop, September 22-23, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. The two-day program takes a careful look at key microgrid case studies, system planning and analysis, and deployment issues. The focus is on determining the correct mix of technology options for maximizing the microgrid business model and integration of renewable energy sources. Half of Day 2 is devoted to in-depth HOMER software training. All attendees will receive a special "Barcelona Edition" of HOMER Pro at no cost, in preparation for its release in October. So if you're planning on attending, be sure to register today, since the remaining seats will sell out quickly!

Storage in Microgrids a Growing Phenomenon

The growth of renewables-based microgrids will be tightly coupled with increased battery storage deployment for capacity firming and energy time-shifting. According to data from GTM Research, one-third of operational microgrids now include electrical energy storage, 90 percent of which has been commissioned between 2011 and 2014. This makes storage in microgrids a relatively recent phenomenon, and indicates spillover effects from distributed energy storage growth fueled by state policies and FERC rulings. more

Educators and Non-Profits: Free Visibility Opportunity

Educational institutions using HOMER in their coursework and non-profits using HOMER in their outreach have the opportunity for free click-through advertising in trial versions of HOMER Pro, the next edition of the HOMER software. If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to contact us at, and we'll be happy to send you the details.

Study Focuses on the Role of Microgrids for Oil and Gas Producers

"Oklahoma utilities are experiencing unprecedented growth from oil and gas production," said David Swank, CEO of the NESI-SES Association and Central Rural Electric Cooperative. "This growth presents challenges on multiple fronts and is transforming the traditional system planning model. The Distributed Energy Resources / Microgrid Study explores new technologies that can provide a win-win situation for all involved including utilities, policymakers, oil and gas producers, and stakeholders." view report

HOMER CEO Discusses Two Categories of Off-Grid Microgrids

In this audio + PowerPoint presentation, HOMER CEO Dr. Peter Lilienthal discusses two completely different kinds of off-grid microgrids: Island Grids, where the primary motivation is diesel fuel savings, and Village Power Mini-grids, where the primary motivation is energy access. Examples are used to illustrate the differences (and similarities) between these systems, the scenarios that are appropriate for each, and their potential for addressing energy needs in off-grid environments. play presentation

ARE Energy Access Seminar: Meet the Experts

You are warmly invited to the upcoming ARE Energy Access Seminar in Brussels on Sept. 30 to learn how to successfully realize self-sustainable business solutions for access to energy and services in developing countries by making use of upcoming finance supporting schemes. During the ARE Seminar, experts with long-standing experience in the sector will give practical insights and hands-on advice to both experts and newcomers from the private and public sector on important issues for practitioners. Three sessions are planned including: 1) Rural electrification - Views of Main Partners for Energy Access Solutions, 2) How to get successfully involved?, and 3) Café for Energy Access - Expert table. more

On-Demand Webinar:
Managing the Impact of Partial State of Charge (PSOC) in Cycling Batteries in Solar Microgrids

Partial state of charge is a critical issue in the design and management of solar microgrids. In this on-deman webinar, HOMER Energy joins market partner Trojan Battery Company to discuss the ways microgrid integrators can develop top-performing systems using HOMER simulations and Trojan industrial batteries with Smart Carbon technology. The webinar recording also includes all Q&A discussion from the live event held on Sept. 2. view webinar (registration required)

Case Study
The Integration of Hybrid-Powered Microgrids and Stand-Alone PV Modalities for Energy Access

In this presentation, Richard D. Hansen, President of Soluz, Inc., discusses the deployment of pay-as-you-go, off-grid solar PV microgrids in developing regions such as Honduras, Nepal, and Haiti. The presentation looks at the right conditions and requirements for planning sustainable, replicable microgrids -- as well as selecting the best energy supply options: grid extension, stand-alone, or microgrid. download presentation

Microgrids Becoming a Key Focus for State Governments in U.S.

According to this recent article by Daniel Vock in Governing, increasingly common severe weather is making the shortcomings of a large grid system more apparent. "When you have a major snowstorm, the branches fall on the above-ground power lines and the whole thing breaks down. When you have flooding, you have problems. When you have wind, you have problems," said Niek Veraart, a consultant with Louis Berger who worked with communities after Superstorm Sandy. view article

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