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HOMER Energy offers 3 levels of support that allow our customers and clients interaction with a HOMER engineer. In addition, we also offer a searchable knowledgebase available 24/7, with over 800 articles that we have accumulated over more than a decade of talking with customers, free help videos, and a 300+ page help manual that is indexed and searchable.

Success Forum

All users, including pre-sale and trial users, can participate in our Community Success Forum at http://success.homerenergy.com. Your question may be answered by a community member who is not a HOMER staffer, but in general we try to address all questions and concerns at the forum.

Basic Support

All commercial* license holders may put in basic support questions through our ticketing system at http://usersupport.homerenergy.com. Basic support includes questions about how the program operates, its capabilities or interpretation of its capabilities. Basic support questions will be answered within 3 business days, via an email ticketing system. Basic support does not include project advice or file review.

Basic support requires a current paid commercial license and cannot be delegated to anyone beyond the license holder. Holders of commercial concurrent (network) licenses can designate up to 4 authorized support contacts for each seat in the license (for example, a 3-seat concurrent license could have up to 12 authorized support email tickets). [*Commercial licenses include all licenses that are not designated as Student, Academic, or Classroom.]

Premium Support

Premium support can be purchased in increments of one hour, and can be used for any aspect of customer support, including project planning, design advice, file reviews, etc. Premium support is tracked in 15-minute increments. Premium support incidents should begin with a ticket (through usersupport.homerenergy.com) explaining the issue as carefully as possible, but may include phone support or telemeeting software (e.g. Skype) when appropriate.

Bug Reports

Potential bug reports should start with the Forum or the Support Site, and should include the HOMER file that you believe holds the bug. If you are a Premium Support holder, and it is in fact a bug, you will of course not be charged for the time to document the bug. If you are Basic or Forum support user, and we discover that the issue was not a bug but user error, we may elect to reply only as “Not a bug.”