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HOMER Energy events are focused on the practicalities of successful microgrid development. They combine speakers, training, use cases, and informal networking. Join us soon, or learn how you can become an event host and have a HOMER event in your backyard!

Upcoming Events

• Microgrid Deployment Workshop 2014 – September 22-23, Barcelona, Spain

Organized and hosted by HOMER Energy

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Past Events

• Webinar: Managing Partial State of Charge in Microgrids Using Trojan Smart Carbon™ Technology – Sept 2, 2014

Free Webinar hosted by HOMER Energy and Trojan Battery

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• HOMER Workshop: Microgrid Design and Feasibility Analysis – May 20, 2014, Irvine, California USA

In advance of the Microgrid Global Summit 2014 – May 20-23

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• Webinar: Economics of Grid Defection – April 23rd, 2014, Online

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• Microgrid Deployment Workshop 2013 – November 8-9, Cancun, Mexico

Organized and hosted by HOMER Energy

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Event Hosts

HOMER Energy is looking to host events during the months of January or February, April or May, July, and September or October of 2015. Our target locations are Australia, India, Malaysia, the Phillippines, Central or South America, northeastern United States, western Africa, southern Africa, or other locations where there is growing interest in microgrids and a concentration of users interested in learning and sharing about HOMER. Event hosts will need to have access to or information on local venues that can provide room for about 100 attendees plus catering services.

Please email us if you have interest in potentially hosting an event.