icon About HOMER Energy LLC

HOMER Energy LLC is a Boulder, Colorado based company incorporated in 2009 to commercialize the HOMER® Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources (HOMER) model, which was developed by the National Renewable Energy Lab, a division of the U.S. Department of Energy. HOMER Energy's primary focus is the continuing development, distribution, and support of HOMER. The company also provides training, services, and community tools to professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts in the energy industry who desire to analyze and optimize distributed power systems and systems that incorporate high penetrations of renewable energy sources.

The HOMER Energy principles have been working with economic and engineering optimization of microgrids for over 2 decades. HOMER Energy’s team includes the economist and engineer who originally created the HOMER software while at NREL, along with professional managers, analysts and other business professionals with experience in entrepreneurial ventures, rpower systems, and renewable energy. Our collective vision is to empower people around the world with tools, services, and information in order to accelerate the adoption of renewable and distributed energy sources.

In addition to the HOMER software, HOMER Energy offers additional services such as web-based and in person training and assistance in the use of HOMER. We also customize the software for novel problems or types of equipment. In addition we provide a range of consulting services related to the policies, economics, and technologies of renewable and distributed power.

Since its release, the HOMER software has been downloaded by over 150,000 people in 193 countries. This is a global community of pioneering practitioners in renewable and distributed power. In order to harness the collective wisdom of this group, HOMER Energy has also created an on-line community with discussion forums where users can engage with each other.