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Discover Battery

For over 50 years, Discover Battery has been a world leader in advancing technology in energy storage solutions for industrial, commercial, stationary and motive applications in remote and harsh environments.

Discover Battery's broad experience and expertise in commercial/industrial applications has helped to drive the development of their range of storage systems specifically designed for solar applications.

Ingenuity in energy storage.

From research and manufacturing to sales and customer management, Discover Battery sets the highest bar. They have some of the brightest, most experienced minds in the solar industry working on the design and production of their batteries. They are a global company with facilities and customers in all corners of the energy world.

Discover Battery is the OEM supplier of choice for some of the world's most demanding customers and their batteries and storage systems have helped them drive profitability across a diverse range of market sectors and product applications.

With an entrepreneurial spirit at their core, they’ve never forgotten that their customers choose Discover to help them maximize profits and create value for their customers. Whether serving Fortune 500 OEM’s or a single solar installer they know that reliability, performance and profitability drive their business.

Reliable, primary power.

Discover Battery has designed a range of high-quality solar storage solutions, from traditional flat-plate and tubular OPzS/OPzV formats to Advanced Energy System (LiFePO4) packs, to deliver efficient, reliable, energy storage whenever and wherever it’s needed. Discover Battery's storage systems are reliable and affordable, primary power supplies for residential solar and community electrification or for backup power to supplement unreliable utility power.

Learn more or inquire at solarsales@discoverbattery.com