icon HOMER® Analysis Certification

Increase confidence in your proposal or design

HOMER Energy is the preferred resource for accuracy and objectivity in microgrid design and optimization. Our clients consult with us on projects of every size to produce the most reliable feasibility studies and cost projections available anywhere. Now HOMER® users who complete their HOMER analyses can certify that their analyses were completed properly – with the HOMER Analysis Certification program from HOMER Energy. Getting the “stamp of approval” is simple: 

  • Send the *.hmr file from your HOMER model along with a concise statement of relevant objectives, constraints, and data inputs for the model.
  • If your first submission does not meet standards for certification, we will send you an explanation along with our recommendations for how to fix any issues. You may revise and resubmit your file at a reduced cost.

SOME TEXT Low basic rates apply to what we consider a standard design. Models involving multiple gensets, hydrogen fuel cells, and other factors may require more time and a higher rate. We will advise you if your model will be considered more complex and incur additional costs before beginning work on your certification.

Most certifications require 2 weeks, but they may be expedited for an additional fee.

Email or call us at 720-565-4046 for more information or to get started on a certification project.