iconThe HOMER SaaS API: Generate leads and business from a custom HOMER interface

You use HOMER every day to model your products and processes. You understand the power and potential of quickly comparing potential hybrid power system designs.

Imagine the power of putting your customers, sales team, or both in front of a branded, web-based HOMER version that highlighted the equipment and solutions that you sell.

The HOMER SaaS API lets you create a custom web app to:

How It Works

HOMER SaaS API Workflow

Putting the Power of HOMER to Work

HOMER SaaS API is built on top of the HOMER engine, the industry standard for microgrid and distributed energy system modeling and optimization.

Who is the API for?
  • Component companies: Show your equipment in a simulated system
  • Project developers or system integrators: Find leads interested in building a hybrid system
  • Microgrid financers: Find serious leads for investment
  • Use your imagination: How could you benefit from your own web-based HOMER, with your branding and lead registration system?
Deployment Options
  • HOMER SaaS API Core: Shared API engine infrastructure
  • HOMER SaaS API Performance: Dedicated server infrastructure tuned for performance
Technical Specs
  • Developer toolkit includes Swagger API documentation, out of the box app and components
  • Managed via Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Supported by HOMER’s Continuous Integration/Deployment Processes

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Visit HOMER Quickstart to see the HOMER SaaS API in action.