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Danvest Hybrid Power

Danvest designs, manufactures and supplies complete hybrid power plants. In combination with wind turbines and/or solar panels Danvest provides high renewable energy penetration while always balancing demand and production. The core of the Danvest system are low-loading diesel generators - either Cummins or Caterpillar – and a unique dynamic dumpload system. Danvest hybrid power plants are able to provide 100% penetration of renewable energy or direct fuel savings. In real life fuel savings range between 50 and 60% per year for wind-diesel and between 30 to 40% per year for solar-diesel installations, all without the use of energy storage although batteries can be connected to the Danvest busbar to further increase utilization of the renewable energy. The Danvest system is documented and power quality proven by e.g. Danish national research institute RISØ. The system was developed in cooperation with the Danish wind industry. Danvest systems can be supplied up to 30 MW.

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