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Saft Batteries

Saft, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high technology batteries for industry, is pleased to partner with HOMER Energy to support the use of energy storage systems in microgrids. Saft’s energy storage systems, based on advanced lithium-ion batteries, provide the flexibility and instant response to maintain stability in microgrids and maximize fuel savings.

Saft’s Intensium Max® containerized systems can be tailored to provide the ideal combination of power and energy to support hybrid energy systems from hundreds of kilowatts to multiple megawatts. Smaller Intensium cabinetized systems can support loads from around 30 kilowatts and up. Product developments by Saft include an innovative “Cold Weather Package” allowing for a complete BESS system in an ISO 20-foot container that withstands extreme Arctic environments down to -50°C.

With a solid history spanning almost 100 years, Saft offers an unmatched combination of financial stability, solid performance and project support to provide true bankability. Saft’s advanced modelling capabilities can augment HOMER to model the interactions of various microgrid components and to determine precise battery aging characteristics.

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