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Your Proprietary Control Algorithm in HOMER Pro

Control is at the heart of a distributed energy or microgrid system.

A controller manages a microgrid’s components to provide power in the most economical way possible. HOMER Pro includes a choice of out-of-the-box controller algorithms, but companies often have their own proprietary controller solutions. That’s why the HOMER Controller API lets you use and distribute your controller as an option in the HOMER platform.

  • Write your own control algorithms to be used internally, distributed to your partners, or promoted throughout UL’s HOMER Software customer base*. The distribution is entirely in your control.
  • Realistically simulate system operation with real-world resource data and specified equipment.
  • Your custom branded controllers can be made available in the HOMER Pro components menu.
A microgrid controller manages a microgrid’s components

How Does it Work?

The HOMER Controller API gives you access to the necessary data objects in HOMER Pro, such as system load, battery state of charge, and much more.

All the development and compiling is done by your engineers, so your proprietary IP, code, and algorithms remain confidential. The Controller API includes sample control algorithms to give developers a head start.

Your executable DLL file will be distributed with HOMER Pro.

Develop, test, compile, distribute
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Want to learn more?

Contact us to find out how to get your control algorithm into HOMER with an API.

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