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The Economics page under the Project tab contains the following variables.



Nominal discount rate

The rate at which you can borrow money, in %

Expected inflation rate

The inflation rate that is expected over the project life, in %

Project lifetime (years)

The number of years over which the net present cost of the project should be calculated

System fixed capital cost

The fixed capital cost that occurs regardless of the size or architecture of the system, in $

System fixed O&M cost

The fixed annual costs that occur regardless of the size or architecture of the system, in $/yr

Capacity shortage penalty

A penalty applied to the system for any capacity shortage, in $/kWh

Minimum renewable fraction

The minimum allowable value of the annual renewable fraction, in %

Note: To the right of each numerical input is a sensitivity button (shots_sensitivity-button) that allows you to do a sensitivity analysis on that variable. For more information, see Why Would I Do a Sensitivity Analysis?

HOMER calculates the Real discount rate, which is the discount rate used to convert between one-time costs and annualized costs (in %).

Select the currency you want to use from the Currency drop-down menu.

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