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HOMER Grid 1.1



A Utility is an organization that supplies electricity to customers. Examples of utilities in the US are Pacific Gas & Electric, Xcel Energy, ConEdison. A utility designs several tariffs to cover different types of services and customers. So a utility could have different tariffs for residential and commercial customers. Each tariff is a list of rate charges. Each rate describes a particular service. Example of rates are consumption rates for summer peak periods, fixed charges, adjustment charges etc.

There are 3 ways to include one or more tariffs in HOMER Grid:

Option 1: Choose Tariff

Option 2: Create Simple Tariff

Option 3: Import Tariff

Below is a screenshot of the three tabs that support each of the options to include a tariff:


You can also add and compare multiple tariffs in HOMER Grid. To learn how to do this, read Compare Tariffs.

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