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Building a tariff is useful in cases that you are unable to find a tariff under the "Choose Tariff" option. HOMER Grid lets you quickly build a simple tariff using this option. However, if you realize that this option is not suitable for your complex tariff, then click the "Launch HOMER Tariff Builder Application" to build a custom tariff using a more advanced application.

Build a Simple Tariff

A tariff created using this Build Tariff option:

1.Can include 1 energy charge, 1 demand charge and 1 fixed charge

2.Can allow for net metering

3.Cannot cover tiered rates, time of use rates and other complex rate structures.

To create a simple tariff, follow the below steps:

Enter the various charges in the tariff.

Below is an example of a tariff modeled after the Tanzanian Utility (Tanesco).


Click Ok.


Build a custom, detailed tariff

If you realize that your tariff is a lot more complex and cannot be built with this option, then launch the Tariff Builder application using the "Launch HOMER Tariff Builder Application" button.


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