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HOMER Grid 1.2



The Resilience tab can be found in the Simulation Results as shown below.


Resilience tab simulation results



The visualizations show a time series plot during the outage. The upper graph shows how the generator plus the renewables are meeting the electric load. The lower graph shows that battery state of charge during the outage.


The variables referenced on the Resilience tab include:



Generator runtime (hours/day)

Average number of hours per day that the generator is operating

Generator O&M ($/day)

Average operational costs of the generator

Generator fuel consumption (L/day)

Average fuel consumed by the generator per day

Generator fuel cost ($/day)

Average cost of the fuel consumed by the generator per day

Battery throughput (kWh/day)

Average kWh that the battery outputs per day

Battery wear cost ($/day)

Average wear cost for the battery per day



Tip: You can view any of the Simulation Results tabs in either “Outages” or “No Outages” mode. Select from the drop-down at the upper left-hand corner.


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