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HOMER Grid 1.2


The HOMER Grid Wizard guides you through the process of setting up a model in HOMER. Click the Start Wizard button in the Schematic section of the page (top right corner).




The wizard opens in a pop-up window. The basic sections include:

Setting up the project

Defining electricity consumption

Adding the utility tariff

Viewing a summary

Enter or select the requested information in each section of the pop-up window and click Next. When your reach the Summary section, review your entries. Check the Include Sensitivity Cases box if you want to perform a sensitivity analysis. You can click the Back button to go back to a section to make changes. When you are finished, click Calculate in the Summary section. HOMER performs its calculations.

Note: You can make further adjustments to your model later by clicking an item in the Schematic section of the page or using the Load, Components, Resources, and Project buttons at the top of the page.



The Homer Support site has a searchable knowledgebase and additional support options. HOMER Online contains the latest information on model updates, as well as sample files, resource data, and contact information. ©2017 HOMER Energy, LLC