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HOMER Grid 1.3

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HOMER Grid models the cost of an outage to the customer and the cost to keep only critical loads running during an outage event.

Resilience: Resilience refers to multi-day outage events that occurs at a maximum of once per year. This is used to model natural disasters like a hurricane, flood, or fire.

Reliability: Reliability models multiple short outages that occur every year.

Outage Settings: This section also gives you additional ways to control your system during the outage. For example, you can ensure your generator runs only during an outage or you can add a penalty for every hour there is a capacity shortage.

Non-Critical Load: In case of an outage, only the critical load will be served. The Electric Load is the critical load. During normal grid operation, the sum of the Electric Load and the Non-critical load is served. For example, the owner of a super market would like to keep at least the freezer/refrigerator running during an outage to minimize loss to their business.


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