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HOMER Grid 1.3

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Tariff Builder

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The Tariff Builder is a stand-alone application that can be used to create the tariffs for HOMER Grid. With the Tariff Builder you can:


Create New Tariff: You may create a tariff from scratch

Open Saved Tariff: You can open and modify an existing local tariff file (.json)

Combine Tariffs: You can combined two tariffs into a single tariff



Saving the Tariff in a json file


Click the Save Button(s) on the right to save the tariff you have created as a json file. The left save button will write over with the same name, and the right save button will let oyu save the tariff json with a different name.

save buttons

Adding this Tariff to your HOMER Grid model

Once you have created a tariff json file using the Tariff Builder, you can import the file into HOMER Grid using the Import Tariff tab in Utility.

Import Tab


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