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HOMER Grid 1.4

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Adding a Tariff

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HOMER Grid allows you to add a simple or complex tariff to your model in one of several ways.

Ways to add a tariff to your model



Choose Tariff


The Choose Tariff tab allows you to select a tariff from the United States, Mexico, and Canada from Genability's database. 

Build Tariff


The Build Tariff tab allows you to build a simple tariff in HOMER Grid. The simple tariff includes energy charge, demand charge, fixed charge and net-metering.

Import Tariff


Once you have created a tariff using the Tariff Builder, you can import the file into HOMER Grid using the Import Tariff tab in Utility.  

Tariff Builder


The Tariff Builder is a stand-alone application that can be used to build complex tariffs for HOMER Grid with any combination of features common in tariffs including time-of-use rates, demand ratchets, peak pricing, holiday pricing for any location in the world. Any tariff created using the Tariff Builder should first be saved into your local hard-disk as a json file, and then imported into HOMER Grid.

Combine Tariffs


The combine tariff feature allows you to combine a retail and network tariff within HOMER Grid.  You should have two json files saved on your hard-disk before you combine them.





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