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HOMER Grid 1.4

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A component is a piece of equipment that is part of a power system. Components include a Controller, Generator, PV, Storage, Converter, Boiler, and Thermal Load Controller. You may select as many components as you want to consider as part of the power system.

If you add a component that requires resource information, you must add the corresponding resource. The Resources section in the help lists the resources and the corresponding components.

In HOMER Grid, the model allows only 1 generator and 1 converter. You can however add multiple PV, Storage, and Utility.

Tip: Add more than one component only if you want to compare components that have different properties. Use the Size your own to compare different quantities or sizes of the same component.

Click the Remove button (red X) next to the component to remove the component from the schematic and model.

The Homer Support site has a searchable knowledgebase and additional support options. HOMER Online contains the latest information on model updates, as well as sample files, resource data, and contact information. ©2017 HOMER Energy, LLC