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Incentives Library

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To access the Incentives Library, select the Library icon library icon found on the upper right hand corner of the main window. Choose the Incentive tab as highlighted in blue below.

incentives lib1


You may select the View and Edit Converter Library to view or edit one of the existing incentives or choose to create a new incentive using one of the templates below.


Production Based Incentive

Capacity Based Incentive

Capital Based Incentive

Depreciation Incentive


Click View and Edit Incentive Library to see the list of existing Incentives in the HOMER Library. Select an incentive from the list to view details. You may also create a new incentive by copying an existing entry and changing the specifications. See the Library section of the help for more instructions.


Click on one of the incentives from the list as shown in the image below.

incentive library 2


Select Copy as shown below to edit California’s SGIP incentive.

Incentive library 3


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