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HOMER Grid 1.5

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Tariff Builder

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The Tariff Builder is a stand-alone application that can be used to create the tariffs for HOMER Grid. With the Tariff Builder you can:


Create New Tariff: You may create a tariff from scratch

Open Saved Tariff: You can open and modify an existing local tariff file (.json)

Combine Tariffs: You can combined two tariffs into a single tariff



Saving the Tariff in a json file


Click the Save Button(s) on the top to save the tariff you have created as a json file. You would notice that there are two buttons, the left save button will write over the file with the same name, and the right save button will let you save the tariff json with a different name.


Adding this Tariff to your HOMER Grid model

Once you have created a tariff json file using the Tariff Builder, you can import the file into HOMER Grid using the Import Tariff tab in Utility.

Import Tab


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