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HOMER Pro 3.10


You can select a default Boiler from the drop-down menu on the Boiler Library page under the Components Library. Click Boiler to see the list of Boilers. You can view and specify the properties of boilers in the Boiler Library. You can create a new boiler component by copying an existing one. After you create a copy, change the properties as required and give the new boiler a unique name to distinguish it from the others. HOMER adds the new boiler to your boiler library when you click OK. The new boiler then appears in the list of available boiler types on the Boiler Set Up page under Design. See the Library section of the help for instructions.





A unique name used to identify this type of boiler


An optional field used to specify the manufacturer of the boiler


An optional field to hold the website of the manufacturer


An optional field used to specify manufacturer contact information, prices, or anything noteworthy


The efficiency with which the boiler provides energy from the fuel, expressed as the percent of the lower heating value of the fuel burned that is captured and supplied to the thermal bus

Emissions factors

The amount of each pollutant produced in kg per unit of fuel.

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