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HOMER Pro 3.10

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Controller Library

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You can select a default controller type from the drop-down menu on the Controller Library page under the Components Library. Click Controller to see the list of Controllers. You can view and specify the properties of a specific controller in the list. You can create a new controller by copying an existing controller and changing the specifications. See the Library section of the help for instructions.





A unique name used to identify this controller.


A short, distinctive name to identify this controller on the schematic and results. There is no specific limit on the abbreviation length, but long abbreviated names do not fit well on the schematic or results.


An optional field used to specify the manufacturer of the controller.


An optional field to provide text for a web link for the controller.


The actual web address of the link defined in the "Website" input.


An optional field used for additional specifications, manufacturer contact information, or anything noteworthy.

The controller you use in your HOMER model determines how to dispatch the various generation sources to meet the load. HOMER has three built-in dispatch strategies: Cycle Charging, Load Following, and Generator Order. You can also choose to write your own dispatch in MATLAB and link it to HOMER using the MATLAB Link.

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