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You can select a default Converter from the drop-down menu on the Converter Library page under the Components Library. Click Converter to see the list of Converter types. You can view and specify the properties of converters in the Converter Library. You can create a new converter by copying an existing one. After you copy a converter, change the properties as required and give the new converter a unique name to distinguish it from the others. HOMER adds this new converter to your library when you click OK. The new converter then appears in the list of available converter types on the Converter Set Up page under Design. See the Library section of the help for instructions.





A unique name used to identify this type of converter.


A short, distinctive name to identify this converter in the schematic and results. There is no specific limit on the abbreviation length, but long abbreviated names do not fit well on the schematic or results.


An optional field used to specify the manufacturer of the converter.


An optional field to hold the website of the manufacturer.


The actual web address of the link defined in the Website input.


An optional field used to specify manufacturer contact information, prices, or anything noteworthy.


Inverter Input:

Lifetime (years)

Efficiency (%)


Enter the number of years the inverter will last.

The efficiency of the inverter.

Parallel with AC Generator

If this option is checked, then you can invert power from DC to AC bus if the AC generator is on in that time step


Relative Capacity (%)

Efficiency (%)


Enter the capacity of the rectifier relative  to the capacity of the inverter

The efficiency of the rectifier

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