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HOMER Pro 3.11

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Converter Outputs

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The Converter tab in the Simulation Results window displays the following variables for both the inverter, which converts DC to AC electricity, and the rectifier, which converts AC to DC electricity.




The maximum possible power output, in AC kW for the inverter and DC kW for the rectifier

Mean, Min and Max Output

The inverter values are in AC kW, and the rectifier values are in DC kW

Capacity Factor

The mean output divided by the capacity, in %

Hours of Operation

The number of hours of non-zero power output

Energy In

The total amount of energy into the device, in DC kWh/yr for the inverter and AC kWh/yr for the rectifier

Energy Out

The total amount of energy out of the device, in AC kWh for the inverter and DC kWh for the rectifier


The total energy lost in the device, in kWh/yr

In the bottom half of the page a DMap appears showing the power output of the inverter and/or rectifier in each time step of the year.