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HOMER Pro 3.11

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Converting from Battery to Storage

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HOMER Pro versions 3.5.4 and earlier use the component called "Battery." In HOMER Pro 3.6 and later, this battery component has been replaced with a new component called "Storage." The new Storage component is designed to represent a wider range of storage technologies.

If you load a .homer file with a battery component, a pop-up message appears asking you convert the battery components in your file to the new storage model. If you agree to convert, HOMER automatically converts the batteries to the new storage type. This does not change the results. However, HOMER erases the previous results saved in the .homer file, and you must recalculate the results.


You can choose not to convert to the new storage model and view the previous results. HOMER prompts you again each time you open the file. You can not calculate new results until you convert the model to use the new storage components.

Older-style flywheels are converted to the new storage component because they can no longer be supported in the results. If you have any older-style flywheels in your model, you see a similar pop-up message, but you are not given the choice; all of your flywheel and battery components are converted to the new Storage component.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If there is any substantive change in your results, send us an email at