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Generic Flywheel 100kW [Idealized Model]

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The Generic Flywheel 100kW [Idealized Model] is a 25 kWh, 100 kW carbon fiber flywheel. It is an AC device, but HOMER connects it to the DC bus because HOMER cannot model AC electrical storage except in combination with the "Generator Order" Controller Component. Therefore, to model this flywheel in HOMER, add the "Large, free Converter" Component, which is designed to be free, 100% efficient, and larger than the aggregate capacity of the largest number of flywheels that you are considering.

HOMER requires you to use one-minute time steps (set in the System Control option) to properly model the fast behavior of the Generic Flywheel 100kW [Idealized Model]. If your system also includes PV, we recommend modeling the PV as an AC device and include the inverter costs and losses.

In a hybrid power application, energy storage provides a buffer so diesel generators can be turned off and remain off during short lulls in the wind or passing clouds. To maximize this benefit, HOMER may use the full range of the energy storage device's state of charge before turning on another generator and recharging the storage device close to 100% state of charge.