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HOMER Pro 3.11

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Time Series Outputs

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The following options are available by clicking the associated button at the bottom of the Simulation Results window.


The Time Series plot can graph a number of model variables over the duration of the simulation.


The Scatterplot graph allows you to plot any variable against any other variable. This kind of graph can often helps you to understand how the system operates. For example, plotting diesel power output versus storage state of charge may reveal that the diesel only operates when the storage is at or near its minimum state of charge.


The Deltaplot shows the frequency of changes in any variable over some length of time. Choose the variable from the drop-down menu, and choose the length of time using the slider control.


The table displays all of the time-series data generated by the simulation for each time step.


The export function exports all time-series data from the selected simulation to a CSV file. Choose or enter a location and name for the output file.