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HOMER Pro 3.12

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Create a New Fuel

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You can create new fuels with specific properties. Select the fuel you want to copy. Click the New button. The properties of the selected fuel are copied. Change the properties as required and give the new fuel a unique name to distinguish it from others. HOMER adds this new fuel to your component library when you click OK. The new fuel is then included in the list of available fuel types on the Generator and Boiler windows.




A unique name for the fuel.

Lower Heating Value

The energy released per kg of fuel consumed.


Density in kg/m3 (the density of water is 1000 kg/m3).

Carbon Content

The mass-based carbon content of the fuel, in %.

Sulfur Content

The mass-based sulfur content of the fuel, in %.



Bio Fuel Source

If this box is checked, this fuel can only be produced by the Biomass Resource.

Stored Hydrogen

If this box is checked, the fuel can only be used be components that can connect to the hydrogen bus.

External fuel

Read only. This value is TRUE unless "Bio Fuel Source" or "Stored Hydrogen" is selected.

Limit Quantity

Components using this fuel do not operate when the total system consumption exceeds the value set in "Quantity Available". This input is ignored if "Bio Fuel" or "Stored Hydrogen" is selected.

Quantity available

The maximum quantity of fuel the system can use per year. This input is only used if "Limit quantity" is selected. This input is ignored if the fuel is not an "External Fuel".

Fuel Price

The default price for this fuel. After you add the fuel to a model, you can choose the fuel price or sensitivity values for the scenario in the model.


The preferred units for amount and price of the fuel.