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HOMER Pro 3.12

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Kinetic Battery

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The Kinetic Battery page allows you to define the costs of the battery, as well as parameters like the lifetime, throughput, and state of charge of the storage system. The Kinetic Battery model is a two-tank system, that separates the "available energy" for electricity generation from the "bound energy" that cannot be used.

Properties of the Kinetic Battery

This section gives details of the kinetic battery model. You can change these properties in the Library. To find out more about this model, see the Kinetic Battery Model section of the help.


Site-specific Inputs of the Kinetic Battery

The Site Specific Input section allows you to enter parameters that might change from project to project. The Initial State of Charge input (in percentage) sets the battery's state of charge at the beginning of the simulation. The Minimum State of Charge input (in percentage) sets the lower limit on the state of charge.


Note: To the right of each numerical input is a sensitivity button (shots_sensitivity-button) that allows you to do a sensitivity analysis on that variable. For more information, see Why Would I Do a Sensitivity Analysis?