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HOMER Pro 3.12

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Loads Tab

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Important: Thermal Load is part of the Combined Heat and Power module. Adding a second Electrical Load and Deferrable Load are part of the Advanced Load module. Hydrogen Load is part of the Hydrogen module. See Adding Modules for more information on purchasing modules.

A load is a portion of the system that consumes energy. The Load tab contains Electrical #1 (primary), Electrical #2, Deferrable, Thermal #1, Thermal #2, and Hydrogen loads. See the Electric Load, Thermal Load, Deferrable Load, and Hydrogen Load sections of the help for more details on each load type.

You can specify an Electric, Thermal, or Hydrogen load using one of the processes described in the following help sections:

Adding a Load provides instructions on how to add a load.

Load profile describes changing load specifications after the load is added to the model.

To set up a Deferrable load, see the Deferrable Load section of the help.

Click the Remove button to remove the load from the schematic and model.