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HOMER Pro 3.12

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Project Tab

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Project options allow you to set values that apply to your entire model. Click the Project tab in the toolbar. Click the following buttons to access related options.




Discount rate and inflation, project lifetime, system costs, and currency units.


Set the criteria that determine which system configurations are considered feasible (or infeasible) and included in the results (or not).


Limits and penalties for emission of CO2, CO, UHC, PM, SO2, and NOx.


Set the simulation time step, special cases for some components, and parameters for the HOMER Optimizer.

Search Space

View and edit the system parameters HOMER simulates to find the optimal system configuration.


View and modify all the sensitivity variables in the model.


Turn on Multi-Year mode and specify variables that change over the lifetime of a project.

Input Report

Create an HTML report summarizing all the model inputs, and display it in a browser.


Estimates the number of simulations that run when you click Calculate.

Clear Results

Removes all saved results from the model. Click Calculate to regenerate the results. Clearing your results can reduce the saved file size. Because HOMER reuses saved results when possible to reduce computation time, occasionally your results might become corrupted. Clearing and recalculating can help if this happens.

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