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Thermal Load Controller Library

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You can select a default Thermal Load Controller from the drop-down menu on the Thermal Load Controller Library page under the Components Library. Click Thermal Load Controller to see the list of Thermal Load Controller types. You can view and specify the properties of Thermal Load Controllers in the Thermal Load Controller Library. You can create a new Thermal Load Controller by copying an existing one. After copying a controller, change the properties as required and give the new Thermal Load Controller a unique name to distinguish it from the others. HOMER adds this new Thermal Load Controller to your library when you click OK. The new Thermal Load Controller then appears in the list of available thermal load controllers on the Thermal Load Controller page. See the Library section of the help for instructions.





A unique name used to identify this type of thermal load controller.


A short, distinctive name to identify this thermal load controller on the schematic and in the results. There is no specific limit on the abbreviation length, but long abbreviated names do not fit well on the schematic or results.


An optional field used to specify the manufacturer of the thermal load controller.


An optional field to hold the website of the manufacturer.


The actual web address of the link defined in the "Website" input.


An optional field used to specify manufacturer contact information, prices, or anything noteworthy.

Electrical Bus

The bus or buses from which the thermal load controller can draw electric power.

Other Properties




The maximum power input that the thermal load controller can convert to heat.

Do Not Optimize TLC

If you check this box, the thermal load controller is modeled with unlimited capacity and zero cost. Many other inputs are ignored if this option is selected.


The duration, in years, before the thermal load controller is replaced. The replacement cost is incurred at that time.

Component requires one minute time steps

If you check this box, users of this component have to set the simulation time step to one minute to run a calculation. Check this option if the component requires one-minute time steps to model the behavior accurately.


These inputs define the default value for the cost of the component.



Cost matrix

Click the down arrow on the right end of the row to use the cost matrix editor to input rows to the cost matrix.

Cost multipliers (capital, replacement, O&M)

Sets the default value for the cost multiplier sensitivity variables. In most cases these should all be set to 1.

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