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A component is a piece of equipment that is part of a power system. Components include a Controller, Generator, PV, Wind Turbine, Storage, Converter, Custom, Boiler, Hydro, Reformer, Electrolyzer, Hydrogen Tank, Hydrokinetic, Grid, and Thermal Load Controller. You can select as many components as you want to consider as part of the power system.

If you add a component that requires resource information, you must add the corresponding resource. The Resources Library section in the help lists the resources and the corresponding components.

For the wind turbine, generator, PV, and storage components, you can add more than one component. Adding more than one component makes it possible to compare components that have different properties. You can compare wind turbines with different power curves, generators with different fuels and efficiency curves, storage systems with different chemistry, and PVs with different orientations.

Tip: Add more than one component only if you want to compare components that have different properties. Use the search space to compare different quantities or sizes of the same component.