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HOMER Pro 3.9


You can view and specify the properties of custom component in the custom component Library under the Components Library. You can create a new custom component from scratch or by copying an existing one. After you copy a custom component, change the properties as required and give the new custom component a unique name to distinguish it from the others. HOMER adds this new custom component to your library when you click OK. The new custom component then appears in the list of available custom component types on the custom component page.


There are four types/categories of custom component:

1. Renewable Power Source

2. Non- Renewable Power Source

3. Matlab Custom Component

4. Power Purchase Agreement (from a 100% renewable source)

According to which type you have chosen, the inputs you need to enter will differ.






A unique name used to identify this type of custom component


An optional field used to specify the manufacturer of the custom component


An optional field to hold the website of the manufacturer


An optional field used to specify manufacturer contact information, prices, or anything noteworthy

AC or DC bus (radio button)

You can choose to put the custom component in the AC or DC bus

Renewable Percentage (%)

The percentage of renewable power that this source provides.

Energy Price ($/kWh)

This energy price is paid as an operation and maintenance cost.  During the project lifetime, the microgrid will buy and use all of the power produced by the custom component at this rate


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