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HOMER Pro 3.9

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Generator Particulate Matter Emissions Factor

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Input Variable


grams per unit fuel (fuel units can be L, m3, or kg)



The amount of particulate matter (smoke, soot, and liquid droplets)emitted per unit fuel consumed by the generator. The actual quantity of this pollutant produced by the generator will depend on the fuel, engine design, and operating conditions, including the power output of the generator. But HOMER makes a simplifying assumption that this factor is constant.

The following graph shows the value of the particulate matter emissions factor for diesel generators in the size range 50 kW - 450 kW. The source of these data is an internal NREL report by Erin Kassoy entitled "Modeling diesel exhaust emissions in diesel retrofits". HOMER's default value for the generator's particulate matter emissions factor is equal to the average value between 50% and 100% load.


HOMER uses this value to calculate the emissions of particulate matter. For details, see the article on How HOMER Calculates Emissions.