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HOMER Pro 3.9

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Optimization Results

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For each sensitivity case that it solves, HOMER simulates every system in the Search Space and ranks all the feasible systems according to increasing net present cost. The Results button on HOMER's main page displays that list of systems in the Sensitivity Cases table.

After you click the Calculate button and the calculation is complete, HOMER automatically displays the results in Tabular mode. You can select the sensitivity case in the upper table, called the Sensitivity Cases table. You can then view, sort, and filter all the feasible simulations that were run for the selected sensitivity case. For more information about the Optimization table and how to use it, see 3.2.1 Tabular View.

You can also view the Optimization results as a plot. Click the Graphical radio button at the top right to view plots of the results.


The graphical view includes plots of the Sensitivity Cases and the Optimization results. To learn more about the optimization plots and how to visualize the optimization space, see 3.2.2 Graphical View.

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