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HOMER Energy not only sells software, we are the experts in microgrid analysis using HOMER. We can help with your microgrid power system feasibility and design, whatever the level of your needs.

Training Sharpen your HOMER skills or get started with our training programs. We offer everything from online introductory programs to week-long intensives at your facility or ours. Our trainers are true HOMER experts who can help you become an expert as well.
Microgrid Feasibility Studies Could a hybrid renewable microgrid be right for your building or neighborhood or town? HOMER Energy can assist you with understanding your options before you talk with an installer or developer.
Microgrid Design Services HOMER has been used to design microgrids in every size and in every corner of the world. We can work with you through your entire project to make sure that you have a microgrid that works for you.
Utility-level Assistance Our design and analysis can help utilities, too, particularly those who want to consider how to replace diesel generation with renewables, or simply increase the renewables on their grid. HOMER Energy has assisted utilities and municipalities make sound choices about their futures, and we can help you, too.
HOMER Analysis Certification How can you be certain that your HOMER analysis is going to work? Our HOMER Analysis Certification is a very affordable way to have HOMER Energy put its stamp of approval on your analysis. With our stamp, your bank or investor will know that the project has been vetted by experts.
Market Access Services If you sell into the microgrid market, we can help you find customers. HOMER is the starting point for microgrids. Whether it's placing your components in the HOMER software, providing a white paper on your technology, or leading an educational webinar, we have programs for you.
General Microgrid Consulting Services Trying to describe everything we do is not possible, but if you need to understand the options for microgrids, we can probably help. Email us today and let us know your needs.