iconHOMER Energy Consulting and Analysis Services

HOMER Energy provides a complete array of services to assist you in making decisions about increasing the penetration of renewables in your system, or how to operate your power system more effectively – from a single home to an island nation. Our analytical services are backed by the power of HOMER® – the original microgrid optimization software. Our CEO is the original designer of HOMER – putting decades of experience in microgrid design services at your fingertips.

Renewable Energy and Microgrid Power System Consulting Services

HOMER Energy consults on renewable energy with utilities, governments, technology developers, energy users, and a wide variety of other types of clients. In addition to assisting HOMER users with their HOMER data and analysis we provide a range of broader services related to distributed and renewable energy:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market analysis
  • Economic analysis of individual projects

HOMER® Analysis

Do you need assistance with your HOMER analysis? Our clients often prefer to focus on their own core competencies and leave the HOMER analysis to the experts. HOMER Energy engineers are available for everything from simple one hour consults, to complex analytical services and reporting projects to meet your needs. For small projects of 1-65 hours, use HOMER Engineer Hours to put a HOMER Engineer team quickly.

Contact us to find out how to put HOMER Energy Consulting and Analytical Services to work.

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