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Because of its reputation as a neutral platform for microgrid design, and HOMER’s large and growing user base, HOMER Energy by UL is the microgrid starting point — your unique resource for reaching innovators wanting clean, reliable, cost-effective power.

We started the Microgrid Market Access Program because of strong marketplace demand. Finding this dispersed but growing market is the most important thing you must do to succeed. With over 100,000 users in 193 countries, HOMER is the undisputed leader in microgrid planning software. The following programs and options are available to get your name in front of your customers and partners:

Component Library Display your products within the HOMER software
Webinars Reach thousands of participants with our hosted webinars
Newsletter and Website Advertising Broadcast your message to over 90,000 participants in the microgrid market. Tens of thousands of people in your target market will read your banners in our newsletters and websites, generating thousands of unique click-throughs each month
HOMER Analysis Certification Get an official stamp of approval for your HOMER models
Conferences & Workshops Event sponsors have direct, unique access to people and organizations designing microgrids
Whitepapers Distribute your whitepapers to our network
Market Intelligence Reports Benefit from our unique insight and experience on microgrids and the marketplace surrounding them

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