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You invested in HOMER - now you need to make the most of your investment through training and support. HOMER Energy offers the only certified training on how to use the HOMER software for analysis of distributed generation and microgrids. Learn how to get the most from HOMER with our online training programs or in person at our facility or yours.

Participants who attend and complete the courses will receive a Certificate of Completion.

To get started, we offer a 3-hr online "Introduction to HOMER" course or a 6-hour "Foundations of HOMER" course. Both courses are instructor led.

Introduction to HOMER (3 hours)

Introduction to HOMER is an affordable and efficient means to get up and running quickly in HOMER. This 3-hour training, offered online, introduces the fundamentals of the HOMER software, from understanding the interface and modular design to completion and interpretation of simple modeling projects end-to-end. Participants will learn how HOMER calculates the technical feasibility, economic value, and other metrics of different designs through its powerful sensitivity analyses and its ability to simulate and optimize thousands of system designs in minutes. Introduction to HOMER is offered two times each month, and is instructor led.

Introduction to HOMER is now included with an annual HOMER Pro standard license subscription. The cost otherwise is only $199 per person for regularly-scheduled online classes.

Foundations of HOMER (6 hours)

HOMER users looking for a more comprehensive introduction, and who plan to use HOMER extensively in their work, should invest in Foundations of HOMER. This course, which can be offered either online or in-person, will familiarize participants with HOMER's user interface and the simulation-optimization-sensitivity analysis paradigm to allow them to begin using HOMER independently for small systems. By the end of the Foundations course, participants will have:

  • simulated a diesel generator system with and without batteries for an isolated off-grid application,
  • optimized the system design by adding solar panels,
  • explored the sensitivity of the optimal system design to interest rate and diesel fuel cost assumptions,
  • explored the implications of 100% renewable systems.

Users will also design distributed solar+storage systems interconnected with a utility grid. Attendees will learn not only how to analyze these systems, but gain tools for communicating their findings with others. Foundations is required for all other advanced courses, and is the first day of onsite trainings.

Foundations of HOMER is the ultimate foundation for unlocking the power of HOMER. Participants will feel confidence in using HOMER to empower their microgrid and hybrid system designs.

Foundations is $3,000 for up to 15 people at a time. (Travel and logistical costs not included. Larger groups can be arranged.)

Advanced Courses (1.5 hours each, $750 for 1-15 people)

HOMER Advanced Courses build off material in the Foundations of HOMER course, which is a prerequisite. These courses may require modules that are not included in the base license of HOMER Pro.

101 Advanced wind and solar

This course covers systems with multiple solar arrays, using the maximum power point tracker and dedicated inverter, understanding wind data and turbine models, scheduled maintenance, and many other aspects that go beyond the introductory class.

102 Larger systems with multiple diesels Islanded utilities and large village systems usually have multiple diesels. Associated modeling issues, such as operating reserves, are covered.
103 Advanced loads and load management This course describes how to prioritize your loads and other load management techniques. This course requires the HOMER Advanced Load module.
104 Advanced storage topics This course describes HOMER’s multiple storage and dispatch algorithms. It also covers how to create your own storage technology and model novel technologies.
105 High renewable penetration systems Systems that can run purely on renewables and storage have their own challenges. This course covers both the practical and theoretical aspects of how to model these in HOMER as well as how to manage them.
106 Advanced grid Users modeling grid-connected systems will want to take this course, which covers the use of HOMER’s Advanced Grid Module. This module covers real-time pricing and the complex tariff structures that HOMER can handle.  It also covers the modeling of both scheduled and random outages. This course requires the HOMER Advanced Grid Module.
107 Thermal loads, combined heat and power Thermal loads and combined heat and power are of particular interest and application in campuses, facility clusters, and large buildings. They can also help integrate high penetrations of variable renewable power. This course requires the HOMER Combined Heat and Power Module.
108 Biomass and hydro Managing and modeling biomass and hydro are fairly specialized topics in HOMER. This course covers both of these types of systems. This course requires both the HOMER Biomass and HOMER Hydro Modules.
109 Fuel cells, combustion turbines, micro-turbines HOMER’s generator module can be used to model a variety of technologies besides reciprocating diesel engines. This module describes how to create your own generation technology.
110 Hydrogen production and storage HOMER can model electrolyzers, steam reformers, and hydrogen storage systems. This course requires the HOMER Hydrogen Module.
111 Collaborative consulting A HOMER trainer will work with you to model your own systems and interests, usually at the end of or as part of a training package. This “course” is offered in 1.5 hour increments, as many as needed.


Pricing - Online

Course Group Class Private Class (up to 15)
Introduction to HOMER
Foundations of HOMER $3,000
Advanced Courses (each) $750


Pricing - In Person

Time and Cost Notes
4 courses/day Foundations of HOMER is day 1, other days are 4 advanced courses each
$3,000 for Day 1;
$2,000 for additional days
Travel costs and travel time to your facility are additional


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