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HOMER Grid 1.2




You can add multiple consumption or energy charges to your tariff. Click on the Add Rate button on the right corner under the consumption tab.




This will open a pop-up window as shown below.






Follow the steps below to create a consumption rate.


Step 1: Enter the name of the consumption rate.


Step 2: Select the Rate type.


a. BUY Rate - If this energy charge is for the kWh purchased from the grid/utility

b. SELL Rate - If this energy charge is for the kWh sold to the grid/utility

c. NET Rate - If this energy charge is for the net kWh purchased from the grid/utility. If your energy sales are greater than your energy purchases, the Net = Total Purchases-Total Sales. If your energy sales are less than your energy purchases, there is no net charge.


Step 3: Specify the cost


a. Flat energy rate - If it is a constant energy rate ($/kWh) then enter the cost in box for cost


b. Tiered energy rate- If it is a tiered energy rate, then check the box that asks “Has Tiers”. This displays a table for you to enter the tiers and their costs. Enter the Limits for each Tier and the costs in $/kWh.


Tip: Be sure to add a last tier with a really high upper limit for all consumption that exceeds the highest tier



Step 4: Specify the Period


a: If this rate to only apply during the summer season, then change the starting and end dates accordingly.


b: If this rate has a Time of Use, then check the box that says “Has Time of Use”. You may add one or more days and times times to this rate.




You can specify the days of the week, and the time ranges in which the rate applies on each of those days. You can add multiple times of use by clicking the "Add a Time of Use" button.



Step 5: Specify if this rate applies during Holidays




If this is checked, it would mean that this rate would be applied to any grid purchases during the holidays. To add all the public holidays in your region, go to the Add Holidays Section.


If you want to import real time prices, then refer to this article.

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